Vulnerable Points and How to Protect Them

Identify your vulnerabilities and add the right bulletproof protection

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Bulletproof barriers are about protecting what matters most—people. 

This infographic lays out the most critical locations to consider protecting in your facility and effective ballistic solutions in one easy-to-understand graphic explanation. 

What You’ll Learn from the Vulnerable Points and How to Protect Them Infographic  

  • The most important points to protect in any facility
  • Effective bulletproof solutions for those locations
  • How Bullet Guard can help
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Bullet Guard Corporation is an industry leading manufacturer, fabricator, supplier and installer of custom bulletproof barrier systems. With over 40 years of experience, Bullet Guard has the right people for the project no matter how large or small it is. Located in Sacramento, CA, Bullet Guard serves the western half of the United States.